Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Scrap Granny Square Afghan

Wow, it's been a really long time since I posted anything, hasn't it? Life, among other things gets in the way! But just because I haven't posted anything that does not mean that I have not been working on anything. Right now I'm working on so many things that I can hardly keep up with them.

I have so many large and small skeins of scrap yarn hanging around in my closet and I was like...hmm, they are much too nice for me to throw away so what am I going to do with them?

I searched Pinterest (I think Pinterest is an amazing place for creative people like me!!!) and I saw  someone working on a scrap granny square afghan. It's nothing fancy and it's really easy to work but I love the random colors and the fact that it's perfect for the scrap yarn that I don't want to simply toss in the trash.
I will post some more photos as I go along. Now I have to start thinking about what I want to do for a border.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Halloween Fairy Doors

I love working in polymer clay. I've been working in it for years and I have made some really cute things. One of my favorite things to make with the clay are fairy doors. I used to purchase most of my clay from Michael's because they used to put it on sale a lot, unfortunately they never put it on sale any more so I don't work in the clay like I used to.

I've made and given away so many little clay sculptures that I have lost count, especially fairy doors. I have sent one as close to me as Massachusetts and as far away from me as Washington state. I know that there at least six of them in Colorado alone. I always hope that I put a smile on someone's face or brighten someone's day when I send them something that I have made. It's all about the giving and the caring for me!! I have always said that I don't need to know someone personally to genuinely care about them!

It's not just clay pieces that I have sent to people, but crochet and knit shawls, scarves and just about anything else that I can make. Anyways, this is my latest project. I made two Halloween fairy doors, I really like how they came out! One is going in a swap that I signed up for over at MaryJanesFarm. If you haven't heard of Mary Jane or the wonderful world she lives in, I encourage you to check her out. Her life is really amazing! I am in my ninth year of being a part of the sisterhood and I absolutely love it!!

Here are my two Halloween fairy doors. I love Halloween!!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Crochet half granny square scarf.

I just finished crocheting this scarf and I really like how it  came out. I used Caron Cakes yarn which is a yarn that I've never used before. The yarn is so soft and pretty! I think the colors in the scarf will go really good with a pair of jeans. And now on to the next of whatever it is I am going go to work on. Happy fall everyone!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Winter in New England

I live in Rhode Island. Yes, it's a beautiful state. There are the oceans, the little coves with the floating boats and the sea gulls flying through the air. There are the mansions in Newport, the old. historical houses, the history of being one of the oldest states in the United States...

And then there is the cold! Winter here, shall we say, can be quite brutal. Last year there was one Saturday where the temperature dropped to almost twenty below zero! I DON"T like being cold, in fact, every winter I go through the "I hate being cold" stage! And don't even get me started about how much I hate snow!!!

Last winter I wished that I had made more "warm" things for myself. I have a really bad habit (some might say that it is a good habit) of always thinking of others before I think of myself. I'm always making things and what I make I tend to give away. This summer however I told myself to "make some things for yourself for winter." And so I did! This is what I have so far and yes, I am still making things to give away to others as well. I believe in giving and being kind whenever I can.

This is what I've made for myself so far.

 Three pairs of knitted fingerless gloves. I love fingerless gloves! They keep the bottom of your fingers and your hands warm while allowing the tops of your fingers to move freely. This is an easy pattern and the gloves fit, well, like a glove!

Four knitted cowls in thick and quick yarn. I made one of these last year and it kept my neck, my ears and the lower part of my face (when I pulled it up) so nice and warm when I went for a walk.

One knitted red hat. I am also going to make a matching scarf for it.

One gray knitted hat with matching cowl.

A multi colored and very warm, double knit cowl. There are so many pretty colors in this one!

One knit scarf. I love the colors in this scarf, it will go with everything!

A knitted caplet. I love this, it fits so nice and feels so very soft. I'm thinking about adding a crochet flower to the middle of it. We shall see!
And a crochet corner to corner afghan. I love this pattern! It's easy and it's coming together really quickly. I'm using my left over and new Vanna's Choice yarn and I am loving how it is coming out.

I'm also working on another hat and cowl set (I didn't realize how many cowl's I had made until I wrote this post) and a navy blue shawl-coverlet for myself. But no matter what I make or how much I prepare myself for winter I never look forward to it. The Farmer's Almanac is saying that winter is going to be horrible in this area this year. Just hearing that is making me want to jump under the covers and hide until I see the first signs of spring again!!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Fabric yo yo's

Yo yo quilts, I can't name a single person who has seen a yo yo quilt and has not wanted one, me included. I made a small one years ago, but I've always wanted to make a bed sized one. I saw this beautiful black with pink (my favorite color in any shade) and blue flowers and thought it was so pretty! Better yet, it was on sale! So I grabbed the rest of the material on the bolt and looked for some matching pink and blue fabric to match the flowers in the black fabric. I usually tend to stick with lighter colors, but I love how this is coming out. I think it looks quite Victorian. I can't wait to get the yo yo's done so I can see how I am going to arrange them.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Needle felting

I haven't needle felted in over eight years. I was looking for something different to do, checked out Pinterest, and fell in love with what was being needle felted so I thought that I would give it a another try. This little teddy bear, who I named Rosie, is the first thing that I have felted in a long time. I really like how she came out. I'm working on a rainbow colored  teddy bear and a standing mouse who I have already named Lester even though I haven't even started on him yet. I am planning on starting him this afternoon and when he is finished I will post a picture of him. This is going to get addictive! I wish I could find a local supplier of roving. I'm in Rhode Island, so if anyone knows of anyone who sells dyed roving, please let me know and thanks!

This is Rosie

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Crochet book markers!

I love books, in fact I've been obsessed with books most of my life. I don't know what I would do if I could not read. I'm not much of a television person, most of it just annoys me and makes me wonder how people could be so ridiculous (reality shows which I will not watch at all) or bores me to death! But a good book? I could get lost in a good book for hours! I was looking for something pretty to use for a book marker and I came across this pattern. It was easy and I love how the markers came out. The original pattern did not come with a tassel, that was my idea. Now I have some lovely book markers to hold my place. I wonder what book I am going to start next? I read just about everything except erotica or horror, any suggestions?