Saturday, August 27, 2016

Fabric yo yo's

Yo yo quilts, I can't name a single person who has seen a yo yo quilt and has not wanted one, me included. I made a small one years ago, but I've always wanted to make a bed sized one. I saw this beautiful black with pink (my favorite color in any shade) and blue flowers and thought it was so pretty! Better yet, it was on sale! So I grabbed the rest of the material on the bolt and looked for some matching pink and blue fabric to match the flowers in the black fabric. I usually tend to stick with lighter colors, but I love how this is coming out. I think it looks quite Victorian. I can't wait to get the yo yo's done so I can see how I am going to arrange them.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Needle felting

I haven't needle felted in over eight years. I was looking for something different to do, checked out Pinterest, and fell in love with what was being needle felted so I thought that I would give it a another try. This little teddy bear, who I named Rosie, is the first thing that I have felted in a long time. I really like how she came out. I'm working on a rainbow colored  teddy bear and a standing mouse who I have already named Lester even though I haven't even started on him yet. I am planning on starting him this afternoon and when he is finished I will post a picture of him. This is going to get addictive! I wish I could find a local supplier of roving. I'm in Rhode Island, so if anyone knows of anyone who sells dyed roving, please let me know and thanks!

This is Rosie

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Crochet book markers!

I love books, in fact I've been obsessed with books most of my life. I don't know what I would do if I could not read. I'm not much of a television person, most of it just annoys me and makes me wonder how people could be so ridiculous (reality shows which I will not watch at all) or bores me to death! But a good book? I could get lost in a good book for hours! I was looking for something pretty to use for a book marker and I came across this pattern. It was easy and I love how the markers came out. The original pattern did not come with a tassel, that was my idea. Now I have some lovely book markers to hold my place. I wonder what book I am going to start next? I read just about everything except erotica or horror, any suggestions?