Saturday, October 1, 2016

Halloween Fairy Doors

I love working in polymer clay. I've been working in it for years and I have made some really cute things. One of my favorite things to make with the clay are fairy doors. I used to purchase most of my clay from Michael's because they used to put it on sale a lot, unfortunately they never put it on sale any more so I don't work in the clay like I used to.

I've made and given away so many little clay sculptures that I have lost count, especially fairy doors. I have sent one as close to me as Massachusetts and as far away from me as Washington state. I know that there at least six of them in Colorado alone. I always hope that I put a smile on someone's face or brighten someone's day when I send them something that I have made. It's all about the giving and the caring for me!! I have always said that I don't need to know someone personally to genuinely care about them!

It's not just clay pieces that I have sent to people, but crochet and knit shawls, scarves and just about anything else that I can make. Anyways, this is my latest project. I made two Halloween fairy doors, I really like how they came out! One is going in a swap that I signed up for over at MaryJanesFarm. If you haven't heard of Mary Jane or the wonderful world she lives in, I encourage you to check her out. Her life is really amazing! I am in my ninth year of being a part of the sisterhood and I absolutely love it!!

Here are my two Halloween fairy doors. I love Halloween!!

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