Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Crazy Quilts

I love to quilt! I love to pick out fabrics. threads and notions. I love to embroider too and so I thought why not  try a crazy quilt? I made a small one years ago and gave it away, much to my surprise the person who I gave it to absolutely loved it.  Then I put my supplies away and didn't even think about making another one until I started going through my books.

I ordered a grab bag of silks, satin's, cords and the like from Etsy. The fabrics are lovely and are of such a nice quality. I wanted some really nice material for the quilt. I am only making a small one to start. I'm thinking maybe twenty by twenty. We'll see, I might decide to make it bigger.

This is the first block all pinned, pressed and ready to embroider.

I will post another pic of this block when it's all done. Now off to the fun part....the embroidering and embellishing.

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