Friday, April 14, 2017

Polymer Clay Fairy Door

I love working in polymer clay. I used to be so lucky as it used to go on sale at Michael's craft store  every few months. Unfortunately it hasn't gone on sale in years. Then we got a Hobby Lobby that's some what close to where I live and they do put the clay on sale once in a while....which makes me do the happy dance!!!

So I recently got back into working with the clay again and that did I make? Why a fairy door of course! I have made and given away so many of these little doors that I have honestly lost count. They are as close to me as Massachusetts and as far away as Washington state.

I thought I would go with a garden colored one this time. I really like these colors. Now you might be asking...what is she going to do with another fairy door? Why, I'm going to have a give away over at MaryJanes Farm!! I hope whoever wins it likes it!

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